Hello small businesses and startups,

A simple project management tool

For your agile international supply chain

Why we created Fountain: Our clients and suppliers are in many parts of the world. A simple web based tool is needed to manage the project and supply chain data as well as the on going tasks: creating documents, keeping files organized, keep track of tasks, sharing information to multiple teams etc etc.

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Managed by Projects

Stay organized and on the same page across the team. Find history information with a few clicks.


Internal and Shared Views

Private information stays in the internal view. Share documents to your customers or suppliers in the shared view.


Multiple Party Collaboration

Under one main project you collaborate with your suppliers, customers and other third parties.

Project groups

Tools for Team Productivity

Checklists tied to the projects remind people involved what have been done and what are pending.


Product Libary in the Cloud

Search for product information in the library by keywords. Share your product portfolio to your customers. All done in the cloud.

Product library

Smart Document Templates

Well designed templates of import and export documents prefilled with data.


Customize Your Modules

You can apply templates of module sets to your projects to get the features you need.